Team Profile Edward Henstridge

Edward Henstridge

It seems amazing to think that Edward has now been part of the team for over eighteen months – time does fly. When Edd initially joined us we promised him a job that would challenge him to grow to his full potential, we also promised to support him during this growth. Well, neither of us has been disappointed!

Edd is our musculoskeletal specialist, which means he treats a wide range of foot, ankle and leg pain that is associated with movement. Over time the diagnostic and treatment options that are available to podiatrists has grown enormously. Edd has embraced these changes and is now exceptionally skilled at diagnostic ultrasound using the state of the art equipment at the practice. Virtually every patient benefits from the ability of Edd to safely look inside the body to get the most accurate diagnosis. This has led seamlessly into ultrasound guided intervention to treat injuries and common foot pathologies safely, accurately and effectively. Edd is now one of a handful of practitioners in the UK to have these skills. When asked about his work at Total Foot Health Edd replied:

“This has proven to be my dream job, I love working with the team as we are all so supportive of each other. As we meet regularly to discuss tricky cases I find it very satisfying to be able to give back my knowledge and experience to the team, as well as receive the same from them. The most important thing, of course, is that the patient gets the very best care from us all at the practice.”

We are glad to see that we have not exhausted Edd too much as we often see him leaving work dressed in his hockey kit ready for training at the Newbury Hockey Club!

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