With the addition of the Video Gait Analysis suite and increased computer aided diagnosis we can now offer all sports enthusiasts a state-of-the-art suite for sports injuries.

If you are injured whilst playing sport you not only wish to recover quickly, but you also need to ensure that you can go back to your sport and still play at your highest level. With the use of the new suite and the addition of new specialist practitioners Total Foot Health can now offer the very best diagnosis and treatment for foot and leg injuries. We have helped a wide range of enthusiasts from recreational weekend enthusiasts to national standard athletes.

Edward Henstridge is the specialist podiatrist in musculoskeletal assessment and diagnosis.

Chris Ball is a functional movement specialist who will work with you to develop correct movement, posture and function in both your everyday life and sports specific activity.

If you have a sports injury, new or old, that needs reviewing, please call us now to make an appointment.

If you are a runner, are you getting the most out of your body?

  • Are you fit to run?
  • Is your style as good as it could be?
  • Could you improve your efficiency?
  • Do you want to improve your times?

Total Foot Health offer Gait Analysis with posture and muscle imbalance reviews. A thorough assessment ensures that your musculoskeletal system is operating to its maximum. This gives you the chance to run and train to your full potential. This is a unique approach where the skills of a biomechanics podiatrist, physiotherapist and sports scientist all work together to help you maximise your abilities. Using their wealth of knowledge and experience, not only do they offer treatment for existing conditions, but also advice on prevention of injuries.

Treatments can include:

  • prescription of orthotics
  • specifically tailored exercise and rehabilitation programmes
  • training advice
  • sports management

So if you are looking for that extra help with your running, and a little more analysis of your style, choose Total Foot Health and tap into their expertise today.

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