Foot orthoses, commonly referred to as orthotics, can help to correct structural defects such as flat feet or high arches.  They are used to reduce heel pain, metatarsal pain and callous formation.

Since our feet are the foundation of the body orthotics can also help eliminate related ankle, knee, hip and back pain.edser scanner

Our custom orthoses are made from an accurate prescription to help restore balance throughout the musculoskeletal system and improve foot function.  By stabilising your foot position strain on the muscles, tendons, bones and joints is reduced, bringing you relief from discomfort felt throughout the entire body.

In order to ensure that you have the very best opportunity to get the most benefit from your orthoses we provide a package of care. This includes the orthotics themselves and their fitting, including any further analysis needed at that point. You will need to be reviewed after a short period of time as often the foot needs help to adapt to its new way of working. As such these follow-ups are also included as part of our package so we know that we are looking after you as well as possible.

We encourage all patients to contact us at any point should they have questions regarding their rehabilitation and orthotic use. Do not be shy at coming forward!

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