Hotter SandalsWe are pleased to announce that we have now found the perfect solution to a long-term problem for our patients!  Over the years we have had many people ask us if we are able to provide insoles to help keep their feet comfortable to use in open backed sandals. Sadly the answer has always been no and we have had to stick pads into the shoe as best we could.

Now our orthotic providing company EDSER has teamed up with Hotter to offer the perfect solution. Hotter sandals of specific styles have a removable insole that can now be replaced with a custom moulded foot bed orthotic for an individual patient.

The process requires a scan of the foot to be taken with our laser scan which is extremely accurate. The resulting orthotic fits perfectly into the shoe every time helping to keep you comfortable and active. If this is a problem you have been struggling with then please contact us for further details.