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Verruca Needling Post-Operative Advice

The procedure of Verruca Needling Treatment has involved a local anaesthetic. We advise that you DO NOT drive or operate heavy/dangerous machinery for 24 hours after the procedure.

Minimal pain is expected, however it is advisable for you to ensure you have a supply of your usual painkiller at home.

The dressing applied to your foot needs to stay in place for 48 hours. When removed a dry dressing/plaster should replace the original dressing to keep the area clean.

It is advisable not to get the lesion sodden wet; very quick baths or showers are suggested during the first week after the needling procedure. Careful drying should be followed by application of a dry dressing/plaster to the area. Please DO NOT use a hairdryer!

After seven days normal bathing practices can be resumed.

You can expect to initially see a red blister which will harden into a scab.

Resolution of the verruca can take up to six months.

It is important to keep your review appointment with us following the procedure.

If you are worried please contact us immediately at the practice.

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