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Wilde Pedique - before and afterAre you embarrassed about the appearance of your toenails?

Would you like pretty nails to show off?

We have the solution for you!

Wilde-Pedique is an extremely strong, elastic gel which sets when exposed to Ultraviolet-A light. It has been developed specifically for cosmetically correcting and restoring damaged toenails. We restore the nail, and you can paint it any colour, to match your holiday style.

Wilde PediqueAre you going to an event or a wedding?
Once applied, the Wilde-Pedique will essentially look like, and cut like, a regular toenail, lasting for 2-3 months. It is an ideal solution if you are looking for a cosmetically pleasing toenail. You can choose a French tip finish for a natural appearance that needs no further varnishing.

Calling all men! This treatment is for you too!
The gel resin has the ability to bond to any surface, add strength and harden with a glossy finish. It is therefore very effective on deformed nails to conceal ridges and deformations and hide discolouration. We can amend the colouration slightly to suit your other nails and the white tipped edge is your choice.

Excitingly, are you about to start a hiking challenge, or endeavour to beat your personal best running time?
Wilde-Pedique can add protection to your toe if there has been previous trauma or loss of nail. Reconstructing the toenail reduces pressure and friction on the exposed skin.

Wilde PediqueWilde-Pedique the facts:
The treatment is recommended for:

  • Disguising unsightly nails, reconstructing protective layers and returning a nail shape for allowing nail varnish.
  • Concealing fungal nails but it will not treat a fungal nail infection (please ask you podiatrist for treatment options).

To keep the nail well attached and in good appearance we suggest a repeat appointment in 2-3 months.

Ultraviolet-A light is safe (UV-B causes sunburn).

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