Verrucae are painful viral infections of the skin which are often acquired by using communal changing facilities.

Verruca CryotherapyThey are caused by the same virus that is responsible for wart infections. At times during our lives we are more prone to contracting the infection, this is often during stressful periods such as rapid growth in childhood or during pregnancy.

Whilst there is no simple one off treatment for the problem, one of the most effective methods is cryotherapy.

  • Cryotherapy involves carefully freezing the infected tissue to destroy the virus
  • CRYOPEN C is a fast method of freezing using liquid nitrous oxide which freezes to -89 degrees C
  • Treatment lasts up to 15 seconds and is repeated, with a short thaw in between
  • The verruca is reviewed at 3-4 weeks and treatment repeated until the infection is cleared

We have found that patients like the treatment as it is not very painful and allows a rapid return to normal activity without the need to keep the foot dry.

If you think that this treatment could be helpful to you then please do call us for an appointment.

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