In this technique we use rigid sports tape to limit the movement of the plantar fascia and perhaps other tendons around the ankle in order to arrest the injured structures.

By removing the stress from the area this will allow healing to take place and reduce the incidence of re-injury. It can also be used as a short term measure when undertaking a vigorous activity where orthotics are either too bulky to use in the footwear, or extra support is required.

At the Practice we use sports tape specifically designed for either low or high-dye taping which can be supplemented by J straps onto the leg, if required. If you have an allergy to zinc oxide it is important to let us know prior to any tape being applied.

The tape should be left in place for 3 to 5 days, with a maximum of one week, before being removed. If it is to be reapplied the tape should be removed for at least overnight to allow the skin to return to normal. If the skin feels itchy, sore or irritated following application of the tape it should be removed immediately.

The use of tape is a short term treatment with specific indications. If it is being used for treating a longer term injury then you will be advised on proper rehabilitation techniques to include stretching, strengthening and activity modification and you may well see a range of professionals at the practice to include podiatrists and a rehabilitation specialist. When taping is used to help prevent injury during vigorous activity your podiatrist will teach you how to apply the tape yourself to save you constantly coming back to clinic.

It should be noted that this is a different technique to kinesio taping and can be easily told apart as we do not use the bright colours seen at the Olympics!

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