athletes foot before anti fungal cream 1The easiest way to think of an Athlete’s foot infection is to liken it to a gardener who is trying to germinate seeds. The fungus produces millions of spores, which will sit on the skin,in socks and stockings, as well as your shoes. They are extremely resistant to being killed. When a gardener wants to germinate the seeds they will be placed in a warm, moist and dark environment. Just like when our feet are inside shoes, particularly so between the toes.athletes foot after anti fungal cream 3

The first thing we should all do is carry out good foot hygiene practices. This will reduce your risk of re-infection and limit the number of spores that are present on your skin. If this is insufficient to solve the problem then we can recommend treatments based on your individual type of infection. Our aim will be to eradicate the fungal infection and work with you on how to minimise the risk of recurrence.

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