Looking after your child’s feet is so important, as many foot problems have their start in early life. A child’s foot has to adapt from starting as a completely non-weight bearing structure at birth to taking the full body weight from around a year and coping for the rest of their busy life. Our real surprise is that feet do not go wrong more often! When examining and treating children it is important to us that they feel comfortable and confident in their own right with our care. As such we always try and engage with children at their level and involve them in their own consultation.

As part of our assessment of children we will need to take a medical history with you to help ensure there are no underlying pathologies causing the problem. Family history is often important as, just like the colour of our eyes, our foot type can be genetically predetermined. We will have to watch your child walking during the examination and this may require them, depending on age and coordination, to use our treadmill as this will give us valuable long-term video information to make comparisons as treatment time passes.

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