Total Foot Health - foot care Foot careElizabeth and Elysia recently ran a training session for the care team at There4U. We spent an hour discussing foot problems and what to look for with their client’s feet when helping with personal care. We put particular emphasis on how diabetes affects the feet and where to find suitable types of shoes locally. We even had a demonstration on how to wash feet, including how to position ourselves so as to get the best view of all areas of the feet and ankles.  Thank youThere4U, a truly outstanding and forward thinking agency!

Feedback from the team was very positive and it was felt that everyone learnt a lot – a few comments were:
… very interesting – did not know you could get so many problems with feet!
… found very interesting – how common things like athletes foot is, how easy to treat and link between diabetes and foot problems which I did not know before.
Really good and very informative.
Very good presentation with good leaflets.
Very helpful and interesting.  Lovely ladies!

We will be offering this training to all the local care agencies and helping to improve the foot health of everyone.