The award-winning team at Total Foot Health are all experts in the field of foot, ankle and leg assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. We work together to offer our patients a complete and comprehensive service. From nail care to foot surgery, rehabilitation to cure we want to help you solve your problems.

Thank you for choosing Total Foot Health to help you solve your foot, ankle and leg problems. We are a team of expert podiatrists and a rehabilitation specialist based in the centre of Salisbury. At your appointment we will fully assess your problems and from this information gain a diagnosis as to the exact nature of the trouble. We will then undertake a treatment plan and, if applicable, a rehabilitation regime to help you get the best possible outcome from your care. Total Foot Health is an award-winning, accredited practice, our aim is quite simple: to help you walk, work and play pain free.

We understand that foot, ankle and leg pain has a significant effect on stopping you doing the things that you love to do. Whether pain is stopping you playing sport, walking the dog or standing for long periods of time we are here to help with our comprehensive and innovative range of treatments.

We equally understand that many people are highly embarrassed by their foot troubles. We often think that we have caused our own problems by neglecting our feet – this, in fact, is rarely the case.

We promise to treat you with respect and empathy throughout your dealings with us. We also promise that your problems will not be totally unique to you and we will have
seen these many times before at the practice. We look forward to seeing you at the clinic.

Lyndon Jones, Elizabeth Green
Directors of Total Foot Health

World class podiatric service

Our Belief

We believe that everyone has the right to healthy feet, to enable them to live the fullest, most active life possible.

Our Vision

The vision of Total Foot Health is to provide the best possible care for foot, ankle and gait problems in the UK.  We will provide this in a respectful and empathic manner that is timely
and effective.  Our team at Total Foot Health are here to help you achieve the very best outcomes from your treatments.  We are dedicated to placing you, our patient, at the very centre of everything we do.  To back this up we have the very latest technology for diagnosing and treating your problems.  We undertake continual professional development as a matter of course.  Our building is highly accessible, with the majority of our facilities on the ground floor.

Our promise to you is that we will look after you and do our very best to help you enjoy total foot health.

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