Having foot trouble shows in your face – that is what my grandmother (Mam Gi – the Welsh, literally meaning old woman) told me as a young man when considering a career in chiropody. She went on to tell me that I would never be short of work, particularly if I did one simple thing.

“What should I do Mam Gi?” I asked all wide eyed and expectantly thinking she would tell me to study hard and be technically excellent.

Her reply was so simple that it never left me:

“Look after your patients as if you were looking after me” and with that she gave me a big hug (Cwtch in Welsh) and I knew I was doing the right thing.

I have since spent a great deal of my time studying – healthcare is a never ending development opportunity and learning of the latest techniques in surgery and general clinical care. Podiatry, as we now are, has moved on a long way in my 35 years involvement.

Since retirement from clinical work in July 2017 I now spend much of my time with our team in discussion as to the ways we can enhance our community’s experiences when they visit us. Creating an emotional bond for us all at the TFH community is, I believe, the sure fire way to ensure the continued excellence we offer and secure the long term future of our relationship.

I and the team are here to look after you, our patient, with the utmost of respect, empathy, care and attention. In doing so I believe that you will experience the very best in clinical outcomes whilst having a thoroughly enjoyable and long lasting emotional experience.

I expect you to demand excellence; if you do not receive it then we want to know so we can put it right.

Mam Gi would not want it any other way!



Lyndon Jones Podiatric Surgeon
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