Ever since I decided at the age of 15 that I wanted to be a Chiropodist, I have loved being part of this profession.

Many people find this strange, but I have always enjoyed helping people. I gain huge satisfaction when I see somebody hobble into the clinic in pain and leave with a smile on their face, free of pain. One of our patients commented on the miracle of podiatry – we can cure pain instantly! This is because we have many different skills at our disposal. It may be making removable silicone devices for toes to keep corns at bay, or insoles to keep pressure away from a painful area on the foot or even to prevent an ulcer re-occurring.

With modern advances this has extended to exciting technology like microwave therapy to treat verrucae and treatments for fungal nail infections. This is fabulous because treating those conditions used to be very frustrating.

Latterly there have been huge advances with our ability to assess functional foot pain. We are able use video gait analysis of the whole body – which allows us to slow down the video so that we can see exactly what is happening. Diagnostic ultrasound is another huge advance for us as it allows us to make a definitive diagnosis at the first appointment. We used to have to refer on to a specialist in hospital, which created huge delays in diagnosis and treatment.

Although I am now in clinic very infrequently, we have weekly clinical meetings and frequent discussions on case studies which we all enjoy, especially when we see great results.

I look forward to continuing to help many more people by relieving their foot pain and keeping them active and enabling them to live life without thinking about their feet!

Elizabeth Green
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