Performance enhancement for bike fitting or optimising running. Chris has been studying human movement for over 25 years, initially coaching national gymnastics, later going on to study sports remedial massage, functional strength and conditioning for each of the sports that make up the sport of triathlon. Over the past ten years Chris has had the luxury of working with and coaching world-class cyclists and triathletes. He coached Team GB triathlon for cycling, working on handling skills, technique and tactics.

According to Chris: “Many people believe the ‘problem is where the pain is’. However, movement analysis will often indicate that the pain is a red herring and it is actually being caused by a movement dysfunction from another area / joint.

For instance, if a client has pain down the right arm (radial nerve / tennis elbow) instead of concentrating my treatments solely on the right arm, movement analysis might show that the pain is actually coming from an extremely tight left hip! This means that when playing tennis, the tight hip does not allow them to hit through the ball correctly (forehand) from the hip and makes them hit through the arm and shoulder, hence over-using the arm and tightening the radial nerve. The aim of my treatment, in this instance, is to help release the hip to gain full range of motion and, along with that, the left lower back, thoracic spine and neck using a neuro-fascia release method. The body can then move freely and less strain is put on the arm”.

“The neuro-fascia is a connected system of nerves and fasciae that traverses the whole body and coordinates our movement, fluid dynamics and inflammatory response. The disruption of these functions is a core factor in chronic pain, motion restriction and nerve entrapment. My aim is to analyse your movement patterns and suggest exercises you should avoid, as well as those you should do more of, to improve your condition. I will also practice neuro-fascial release in the affected area.”

Chris Ball
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