I am committed to treatments that instantly give pain relief and really make a difference, so everyday life can be yours to enjoy. I take pride in helping patients that ‘hobble in and fly out’. Walking effortlessly is so important for self-esteem and overall health. I love the fact that so much pain relief can be provided instantaneously through podiatry care. With every appointment I aim to give expert advice that helps you care for your feet between visits.

Originally from Weymouth, Dorset I enjoyed growing up by the sea. My career in healthcare started with Nursing and led to seven years within the NHS. Here I noticed how important pain free feet were to people’s mobility and lifestyle.  This inspired me to retrain in podiatry and bring that service to those who need it.

For this reason, I really enjoy the home visits for Total Foot Health, providing our service to people who find it difficult to reach our clinic either short term due to surgeries or longer term as time never stops! This feels particularly worthy and helpful.

I have completed a course in soft tissue mobilisation. This type of massage feels likes pampering, but also does wonders for tight and sore muscles. Working with the team at Total Foot Health allows me to enhance the high standards of care for our wonderful patients.

Total Foot Health - Catherine Casey
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