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Electrocautery of Verruca or Lesion

Electrocautery of lesions uses a high frequency electrical current to destroy (cauterise) a painful lesion on your foot. The technique is particularly useful for heavily scarred lesions and those that contain exposed nerve endings and blood vessels. The technique does not require stitches and tends to produce little scarring. It is very effective in the treatment of verrucae.

Due to the nature of the treatment it will need to be carried out under a local anaesthetic block to the area. You will not be able to drive or operate heavy machinery for 24 hours after the anaesthetic.

After electrocautery:

  • The foot is supported by heavy dressings of gauze, wool and crepe
  • Leave dressings in place until your next out patient appointment
  • DO NOT get the dressing wet or remove it
  • Post-operative complication may result from wet dressings, or removal of dressings

To aid recovery:

  • Keep the foot elevated for 48 hours – light movement is encouraged
  • Elevate your foot above your hip level, one or two pillows is usually the correct height
  • Use your painkillers as necessary
  • Always use the post-operative shoe when mobile
  • When your foot settles be as active as the foot will let you.
  • Keep the weight away from the area of the foot operation until you feel comfortable.
  • Within a couple of days you should be able to put weight on the foot.