UltrasoundProven Technology Helping You Get Better Faster

Every health care practitioner, no matter what their discipline, will always look to base their treatment programme on an accurate diagnosis. At Total Foot Health we are no exception to this rule and we will make every effort to ensure that we gather as much information about you and your problem as possible before we develop your treatment plan. As part of this we have invested in a diagnostic ultrasound machine so that we can give you faster, more accurate information on your foot and ankle troubles.

Ultrasound has long been used in health care; many of us will have come across this during examination of babies in the womb. As one might expect it is incredibly safe, giving off no harmful radiation and is used particularly to diagnose and review soft tissue injuries and pathology. Until recently these machines have only been available through hospital departments with sometimes lengthy waiting lists to access scans. Of late, with increasing computerisation, ultrasound has become more affordable to practices and at Total Foot Health we have been keen to bring this into the practice for some time.

As specialists in foot and ankle pathology podiatrists are well placed to understand and interpret the scans as few others have such complete anatomic knowledge of this complex area. Lyndon has helped to pioneer the use of ultrasound in podiatric practice over the last five years having gained immense experience on the topic. He has lectured on the use of ultrasound to professional groups as well as helping in the training of students in ultrasonography.

One of the huge advantages of the ultrasound is that we are able to work with our patients during the examination to really understand the problem. Unlike traditional scans where patients have to lie very still it is helpful during ultrasound to move structures and, with your help, position the foot and ankle in different places to see how the structures react.

The end result of this faster, more accurate diagnosis is that you can receive appropriate treatment quicker allowing you to return to an active lifestyle with all the benefits that this brings.

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