Diabetes testThe importance of maintaining healthy feet in diabetes cannot be over-estimated – it is a shocking fact that there are more than 135 leg, foot or toe amputations each week in England associated with diabetes. The good news is that 80% – 4 out of 5 – of these amputations are preventable with appropriate help. At Total Foot Health we want to help our patients prevent the foot complications of diabetes. We can do this every time you visit us as a diabetic foot check will be undertaken at each appointment.

An annual assessment should, however, be carried out each year as it will enable us to identify potential problems before you become aware of them. If you, or any of your family and friends, suffer from diabetes we would urge you to contact us to book an annual diabetic foot assessment. This video link will help you understand the work of Diabetes UK a charity dedicated to helping people with diabetes and raising the awareness of the disease in the UK.