“My father had been walking very slowly (almost shuffling) and it turned out, when we asked him what was wrong, that his feet were hurting.  However, he didn’t want to see the person at his local surgery again as he had been unhappy with the treatment there. Because of my good experience with your practice, I recommended he visit you.  After treatment from David, he was able to walk properly again and has said on several occasions how good David was and how much better his feet are now.  Many thanks again.’”

“Thank you for: listening, understanding and fixing me!”

“Thank you so much for all your TLC – and beautiful stitching. One of your admiring ex-patients reckons everyone in the medical profession should come to you for a course in Excellent Patient Relations.”

“My foot surgery has made a big difference to my life.”

“Brilliant, amazing, I can see the difference in the first few seconds”

“What a choice – David and Louise.  How could anything go wrong with them looking after my feet”

I saw Chris Ball through most of 2014, following a period when I found I could hardly run due to very tight hip-flexors.  Chris identified the root cause of my problems as being due to weak/inactive glutes, and I embarked on a program of glute strengthening exercises and neural treatment sessions, along with introducing base-level training into my running and discussions of training approaches for performance improvement.  I saw a gradual improvement throughout 2014.

In 2015 I left Salisbury, and therefore stopped coming in to Total Foot Health.  On moving to Bristol I continued with Chris’s advice, continuing to work on my glutes and joining two running clubs (road and trail) which have given me increased confidence and training options.  In 2015 I was talked into registering for the Bristol to Bath Marathon, something which I thought I could never do.  In training for the Bristol to Bath Marathon my general running fitness improved, and I achieved a goal that I had discussed repeatedly with Chris, sub 2-hours (1:58:06) in the Severn Bridge Half Marathon.  This was followed by completing the Bristol to Bath Marathon in 5:12, slower than I hoped, but there was 450m of climb on the second half of the route, and I was able to enjoy it pain free!  Orienteering is my main sport, and we discussed my ‘A’ goal races as being two national level sprint races, in which I have now managed to take a best placing of 6th out of over 100 runners in my age class.  All a testimony to the improvement in my performance thanks to intervention by Chris and Elizabeth at Total Foot Health.

I am now introducing more speed work to my schedule to improve my sprint orienteering, you never know, maybe one day a podium!  Many thanks for your help!

“Edward, thank you for your kindness, compassion and empathy during my assessment with you.”

“… my left foot is totally pain free and not a single trace of the HORRID, PAINFUL, ANNOYING verruca!!! I can walk, run and best of all have a good nights sleep without any pain. Thanks to you I enjoyed my holiday knowing I could do all the normal everyday activities. A HUGE THANK YOU for everything you have done, and also to Teresa for advice and explaining in detail what my options were (I opted for acid treatment). All in all a fantastic centre, great staff and wonderful service.”

“I was recommended to come to your unit at New Hall and I am very glad I did. You have improved my feet no end and the team that works with you were wonderful, putting me at my ease and knowing what had to be done. Thank you so much.”

“Truly remarkable transformation.”

“I am so VERY grateful to you (Lyndon), and your team at TFH, for your care of my toes in recent weeks. So … huge thanks to yourself for the initial treatment and the advice at New Hall and for initiating the appointment with David – indeed a ‘thorough and gentle clinician’ and a very nice person! Please thank him for his care and follow up call. I know I can get in touch if I am worried at all – very reassuring. Thanks to Louise too for skilled LA administration!”

“Thank you for helping me and allowing me to walk, work, ride and garden in comfort.  I just wish I had come to see you five years ago and I can’t believe I have such straight, lovely feet now. Thank you.”

“Have had eighteen months of misery being unable to walk without pain in ankles and feet. Saw lots of people but no luck until I saw Elizabeth Green who has completely cured my problem with advice and treatment. I can now walk for miles with no problems. 100% EXCELLENT! Very, very grateful for brilliant service, thank you.”

“Under your care I have had day surgery to correct bunions on both feet. The whole experience from the initial consultation to surgery was completely stress free thanks to the combination of professionalism and informality from Lyndon, Louise and the team. Thank you all so much for your care and for my two new functional, slim line feet – I love them!”

“David – thank you – very helpful and pleasant – would recommend to others.”

“Thank you – excellent service, valued advice, very helpful”

“Thank you for your care and expertise. I am so pleased with the way you looked after me during and after my operation.”

“Delighted with outcome of my foot operation.”

“I visited a podiatrist six weeks ago and I have to say the experience was not good. Then, a couple of days ago, I went to Total Foot Health, and boy, what a difference. You had clinically specialised premises, and the care you took was professional and effective. As far as I’m concerned you are the only podiatrist worth going to.”

Following an ultrasound guided injection our patient said: “Thank you for all your care with my foot …. you made a horrible situation very bearable.”

It is a year since I came to Total Foot Health with an acute foot. Your team have revolutionised my health. If I had not come then I would be (more) overweight, muscles in disorder, backache and lame. I feel so much better. The only resolutions I have to make are to continue the good work and I am happy to do so.

“… to report on the excellence of the treatment you gave me. If I find another painful toe it will almost be a pleasure! Well almost!”

“I can now wear whatever footwear I choose.”

“First time for 39 years – way too late! They were brilliant – already booked in for next appointment!”

“Louise, thank you very much for the care given to me. I don’t know why I worried – brilliant job!”

“My son can stand with more balance and strength now – thank you Elizabeth!”

“Excellent treatment – very relaxed, yet professional and efficient!”

“Many thanks for both extraordinary skill and compassionate reassurance.  I am hopeful now my hobbling days are over!!”

“Now I can understand the satisfaction received from the results of your amazing work and I am the lucky beneficiary of all your skill. I cannot thank you enough for the total transformation of my feet, in fact of my life. At 72 I am jumping (almost!) for joy.”

“Everybody said “verruca’s, nothing can be done, they will go in time“.  NOT SO – David and Louise provided the perfect, professional treatment.  A 100% successful outcome in a short time”

“Thank you for the amazing job you have done to my foot. I’ve never seen my foot that shape before – well, I can’t remember ever seeing it like that … and a very neat piece of sewing to finish it off with! I am extremely grateful.””

“After 10 years of limping around like Long John Silver, I have finally got my life back! Many thanks to Lyndon, Louise and the team.”

… thank you for making me mobile again. Now my feet are straight again and I am walking well. I am thrilled with the result.

“I wanted to record my appreciation for the service my daughter and I received from your team at Total Foot Health. In your Rebecca and Andrea you have a very good ‘front-of-house’ duo who instantly made us feel welcome. David Owens fulfilled my expectations for a complete MOT and was very helpful in describing what he was doing, looking out for and why. I was also delighted to receive the follow-up email newsletter ‘Footnotes’ combining items of interest and advice in an attractive format. I have already booked my follow-up and know where to come in between appointments if I have any problems.”

“Thank you for all your care with my foot on Thursday …. you made a horrible situation very bearable. I just wanted to let you know I have had no problems re pain with the foot”.

Excellent treatment and care from Edward – thank you so much.

Chris was absolutely fantastic – such a nice guy.

Just walked 27 miles, no pain.  Could not have done it a few years ago before I saw you.

“Thank you for giving me two beautiful straight feet! It is life-changing, that is no exaggeration. I feel very lucky to have been your patient.”

“Happy to recommend your services to any fellow suffer.”

“Fantastic service – now pain free for the first time since dropping a bin on my nail – thanks David.”

“Excellent in every way!”

“My verrucas were stubborn, but Louise has blitzed them into oblivion. Some pain – but not now and my feet are good as new. Thank you!”

“I arrived with a very sore in-grown toenail, ouch! I came and had a very enjoyable session of partial nail ablation .. true. As an ex-theatre sister I watched and helped! Amazing. Now all healed and pain free. Thank you”

“Thank you for the surgery on my foot carried out in such an excellent, professional, yet informal, way”

“Thank you Louise and fellow practitioners for getting rid of a very persistent verruca. I am so delighted to be able to walk properly for the first time in about 3 years”

“Many thanks for your expert care. It is wonderful to have two straight toes at last and be able to walk properly again.”

“It is such a pleasure to walk with no pain.”

“Excellent treatment.  Highly professional – I’m walking on air!”

“I found the whole experience very professional, reassuring, friendly and as pleasant as it could have been.  My thanks to Lyndon Jones and to all of the team.”

“Elizabeth – thank you for your reassurance, kindness and sympathy.  I feel completely reassured – again.  Highly recommended”

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