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Before, during and after foot surgery

Foot Surgery Advice

A screening for MRSA is needed 2-4 weeks prior to surgery.

All patients are routinely screened prior to surgery.

If you have been unwell or have had major changes to your medication since you were last seen do let us know as we may need to review this in clinic.

If you have a skin rash or infection of your feet or legs let us know before you come in as we may need to review this in clinic.

Gently bathe your feet in warm soapy water the night before your operation; it is especially important to gently wash between the toes. Do not scrub your feet as this may damage the skin.

Remove any traces of nail varnish from your toe nails the night before your operation.

If you are planning far flung holidays around the time of surgery let us know as it may interfere with your rehabilitation or increase your risk of complications.

As your operation will be under a local anaesthetic (local) you should continue to take your prescription medicines as normal, unless you have been specifically asked not to.

If you need to take medicines such as sprays or inhalers it is a good idea to bring them in with you.

If you have been asked to arrange prescription medicines with your doctor or specialist bring them in.

You can eat and drink (non alcoholic drinks) normally before coming into the hospital. If you have chosen to have sedation to supplement your local anaesthetic you will NOT be allowed to eat 6 hours prior to surgery and fluids are only permitted up to 2 hours before surgery.

You should wear easy to remove clothing when coming in as you may be asked to change for your operation.

You can bring in a personal music player for the operation if you wish.

You WILL NOT be able to drive after your operation. Therefore you must have a responsible adult who is willing to take you home. They will have to sign to say that they are happy to take you home. Use of public transport to get home is not permitted.

You WILL NOT be able to drive until your dressings and stitches are removed (normally after two weeks). Depending on your operation you may take at least four to eight weeks to drive. Ask your consultant to give you an idea of when it is safe to drive.

Make sure that you arrange time off work to allow your foot to get better. This will depend on your operation and the type of work that you do. The average range of leave is from two weeks to two months but do ask your consultant for advice.

Make sure that you have a responsible adult with you for the first 24 hours as a minimum. Depending on your operation you may need assistance for longer.

If at any time you are concerned about your foot, or are having difficulties, make sure that you seek help.

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