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FAQs Foot Surgery

Click on the frequently asked questions about foot surgery for more information. If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us at Total Foot Health.

How long will I be off my feet?

Generally speaking you will be off your feet for the first 48 hours. As such you will require help at home for at least this period of time. Following this you are encouraged to gently mobilise over the next week. The stitches are usually removed after 10-14 days, so you will be bandaged for this time. Once the stitches have been removed you may get the foot wet and have normal baths and showers.

Bones take at least 6 weeks to mend so you will have to be careful about returning to work before this time. You will be advised on the best time to return by Mr Jones. You can usually swim after about one month when the wound is completely healed.

Can I eat before my operation?

General Anaesthetic – yes – food is permitted up to 6 hours prior to surgery / fluids are only permitted up to 2 hours prior to surgery.
Local Anaesthetic ONLY – yes – you should eat a normal breakfast or a light lunch at least two hours before your operation.

NO alcohol is permitted for 24 hours prior to surgery.

Can I wear nail polish?

Please remove any nail polish on your toes.

How long before I can drive?

For most operations on the front of the foot it is important to be able to wear normal shoes before you are driving. For the majority of patients this can take between 3-6 weeks. Most big toe joint surgery will be nearer 4-8 weeks.

Will the operation be painful?

You will feel no pain during the operation, as the foot will be numb. You will be closely attended during the operation to help take your mind off the strange goings on. You may bring a book to read or some music to listen to if you wish (we have facilities to play both CDs and audio tapes).

Will I need my own transport?

You will NOT be able to drive following your operation.
You will need to arrange for a friend or relative to collect you by car after surgery.
You MUST be accompanied home.
Return travel by public transport is not permitted.
You will also need to make arrangements to attend the follow up appointments with Mr Jones.

Will I need a Sick Certificate?

Yes, if you are absent from work for more than the normal 7-day self-certification period (check with your place of employment). You will need to arrange this through your GP.

How long before I can swim?

This is an excellent rehabilitation exercise to perform after foot surgery. You must ensure however that the wound is well healed before immersion for long periods of time in water. This will normally take between 3-4 weeks after surgery.

Will it be painful afterwards?

All patients will experience some discomfort after their surgery. The most important thing is to follow the advice that is given to you by Mr Jones. If you have been recommended painkillers do take them as instructed. If you are asked to get prescription painkillers always get them before your surgery and bring them with you.

How long will the operation take?

Most operations will last less than half an hour but you will be on the Ward for a time following your surgery. If your transport is not waiting it is a good idea to have a telephone number handy so you can contact them when you are ready to go home.

Will I need someone at home with me?

Yes, – the first 24 hours as a minimum. Many operations will result in poor mobility for 3-4 days so care over this time will be much appreciated.