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Foot Surgery

Foot Surgery at Total Foot Health

Foot surgery is an often neglected area of care which sadly may be trivialised by many practitioners. The foot is a highly refined structure with multiple interactions between its bones, ligaments and muscles, as a result any surgery needs to be carefully planned and carried out to ensure optimal results.

Lyndon Jones Podiatric SurgeonOur highly experienced Podiatric Surgeon, Lyndon Jones, has been managing painful foot conditions and foot deformities for over 20 years.  Working out of our practice and at New Hall Hospital, where he is regularly the hospital’s number one admitting surgeon, he operates on 400 or more patients each year.  When talking to Lyndon about successful foot surgery he believes that the most important elements to consider are:

Achieving a successful outcome for a foot operation is rather like entering into a contract where both sides agree to do their best. The surgeon has to do the right operation based on the patient’s needs and health.  He has to give the very best practical advice and post-operative support and make sure that the patient understands the commitment they are entering. The patient on the other hand has to agree to follow the post-operative course and instructions and generally be patient! Getting better after a foot operation will take time and you have to be prepared for that. We cannot speed up recovery beyond our bodies own ability; but we can slow it down by rehabilitating poorly”.

Take a look at the specific topics in the surgery section that relate to your problem; we believe it is extremely important to carefully guide our patients through the process of their operation, and perhaps more importantly recovery, prior to committing to surgery. Lyndon’s experience is that well informed patients will do better following their operation and recover quicker resulting in fewer complications.

So if you think we can help you decide if foot surgery is the right option for you then please contact us and make arrangements to see Lyndon.

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Surgery is undertaken at New Hall Hospital usually as a day case procedure under local anaesthetic, on a Friday morning with a reporting time of 7.30 am.

Listen to Lyndon: